Photographing the Stars; Astrophotography Workshop in Shenandoah National Park


Location: TBD by Scott but within the Shenandoah National Park
Ages: 12+
Level: Any, but you need to understand how to set your manual settings and have a tripod.
Physical Activity Level: Easy
Size: 10

If you have longed to take those stunning starry night shots, or are you looking to do some cool shots with meteors streaking through them, then this workshop is for you. We try to time these workshops with meteor showers, but most times we are looking for those great Milky Way shots.

Each person must have a tripod and a camera that allows manual settings. A remote shutter and haven taken my Shooting in Manual Mode Part 1 class prior will be extremely helpful, but not mandatory.

Full refunds are provided if cancellation is requested 7 days or more before the workshop.

Park entry will be required as the meeting location will be within park boundaries.

All registered participants will receive an email from the tour guide 48-72 hours prior to the event laying out the location and all specifics for the event.

Workshop Date(s):
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