Logo Contest!!!!


I need a new logo and am thinking outside of the box here, so let's crowdsource it. I'm running a contest through the end of April.

For the rest of April I'll be running a contest where YOU design my logo and the one I choose will get a FREE class or workshop that is currently registering. So on April 30th I'll go through and pick a winner.

1. Must have Scott Turnmeyer Photography in the logo and needs to be very professional with a little new edge to it. 
2. Must be easily used on web, print, etc. 
3. You may use anything that I have posted if you wish. I'm not specifically thinking of one with a photo, but I'm open to absolutely anything. So feel free to pull from my posts, we can remove watermarks if you are chosen. 
4. To submit your logo just comment with your submission on my Facebook page, email it to me, or direct message me on Facebook or Twitter. 
5. You can submit as many as you like, no LIMIT!!