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Gear Review: KUVRD Universal Lens Cap

Evening everyone, thanks for checking out my blog. I’m going to start doing more gear reviews and such, so I wanted to get started with probably my favorite tool in my bag right now.

Have you ever lost your lens cap? Have you had your lens cap get knocked off in your bag or if you hit it just the right way when hiking? All of these have happened to me.

When I’m out doing my landscape shots, my wife and I are trekking everyone. Rocks, boulders, hiking, sea spray, sand, dust, you name it, we’ve seen it. I found these awesome universal lens caps a couple of months back and decided to try one.

Here is my Sony A7Riii with my Sony 10-18mm with it on. My landscape setup.


There are a few out there, but I went with the KUVRD Universal Lens Cap. They claim it’ll fit 99% of DSLR lenses and has a limited lifetime warranty. This thing is silicone and from what I’ve seen the best lens cap out there. It’s water, sand, dirt, whatever resistant, and is even shock absorbent when you are banging around. In fact, you can take a lens that is not on your camera and put one on each side for a great lens protection in your bag.

You simply slide it over your lens. The silicone allows it to expand onto different sizes without a problem. If you get some dirt in it, simply rinse it off. It’s great and I need to get more.

You can find them on Amazon really easily and they come in packs from 1 up to 10. Pricing is around $24.99 for 1 and you get price breaks the larger the pack you buy. Here is a link to them on Amazon.

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