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Photo Assignment for 5/13/17 - See The Light




This week's photo Assignment is about light. It's supposed to be sunny this week, so get out there and use that light. I'd like to see different photos where light is used differently. Could be sunset, sunrise, reflecting off water, windows, whatever you think. Please post your photos as comments on the Facebook post. Comments as I'll critique next weekend. Ends next Sat at 11:59pm and critiques will be Sunday the 21st.

Trip Report

Sunset in the Sonoran Desert

Our trip began yesterday with a day trip ATVing through the Sonoran Desert. Most photos were taken during the midday sun so we'll see what we get from those, but here are a couple.  


Sonoran Sunset


We were ending our ATV adventure as the sun began to set. Pulled off for a second and literally shot this through the front of the ATV.  


More to come one as we hit Sedona next.  

Trip Report

Prepping for our trip

In the next couple of weeks I'll finally get to visit some of the iconic Southwestern spots to work on my Fine Art library. Stay tuned, because each night there will be a full trip report. It is going to be a blast. 

We'll be hitting

Sedona, AZ

Page, AZ

Antelope Canyon in Page, AZ

Zion National Park

Valley of the Fire

That's just the top spots. We'll be doing helicopter work, sunrises, sunsets, oh my. 

Cannot wait!!!!

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Photo 301 Class Registering - Shooting Motion, Low Light and More

Now register for Scott's Photo 301 class. 

@The Studio in Front Royal

This is for anyone who has a camera with the ability to shoot in manual mode and has the understanding of how to set aperture, shutter speed and ISO on their camera (My Photo 201 and Taking Better Photos - Lighting and Composition classes will prep you for this class)

This class is geared for anyone who wants to take their photography to the next level. If you have learned what aperture, shutter speed and ISO are, its now time to take them to the next level. Learn how to shoot:
- Motion - We'll talk about many different motion scenarios from wildlife to sports to landscapes (cotton candy waterfalls to be exact). I'll discuss many tips and techniques that I have used over the years and what tools will help you in most situations. You'll learn how to stop action, slow it down, and create advanced photos that actually show motion.
- Depth - Learn to use depth of field in your photos, especially portraits, to take those boring photos to the professional level. Don't blur the edges of a photo in post processing, get a true natural blur in camera.
- Low Light - Here is the evil of most photographers. How do I shoot in low light conditions. We'll discuss the topic at length, go into examples of settings in conditions, tool and techniques that I use, and more.
- Lens and accessory recommendations and buying tips And much more There will be up to 3hr class time Light snacks provided. Class is rain or shine. Full refund given if canceled more than 7 days prior to class. If less than 7 days no refund returned unless your spot is filled. By purchasing this class you agree to this cancellation policy.

View the class in our events below or register HERE

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Photo Assignment 4/5 - Color

Hi everyone,

This week's photo assignment will help you focusing in on your surroundings as well as working to make something your focal point of your photo. This assignment can be shot with any style camera, even your phone. 

This week I want you to focus on COLOR. Pick a single color and go around shooting things that are that color in your photos. Remember, make it the focal point. Draw attention to that color. 

By Tuesday evening at 10pm, please post your best 2 photos as a comment to the assignment post on the Facebook page. I'll critique them all. 

I'm now putting the weekly photo assignments on my blog, as well as the Facebook page. But please finish the assignment by posting your photos to the Facebook page. 


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Try Before You Buy!

We all know that photography equipment is quite expensive, especially when you are moving into purchasing the pro grade lenses and cameras. Many people, including myself, has hesitation in spending $2000 on a piece of equipment when you aren't really sure whether its right for you, or you'll use it as much as you thought you would. What do I do? 

I Try Before I Buy!

There are two websites out there that I use whenever I want to try out a piece of equipment before I pull the trigger on purchasing. Or sometimes I need this special lens for a one time shoot, so it doesn't make sense for me to purchase it for that one time. They are rental websites that allow you to rent all of the major camera manufacturers, lenses, accessories, etc. You name it, chances are they have it. 

I am sure there are many options out there these days, but my preferred sites are: Website Website


Borrowlenses has camera video and a section where you can purchased used gear as they move them through their lifecycle. I have never purchased equipment, but have rented cameras and lenses many times. 

Their rental process is very intuitive and can all be done on their website. Pick your equipment, choose the day you want it to arrive, choose the day you want to return it, choose whether you want equipment insurance (I recommend), enter your payment and shipping details and you are done. 

The equipment comes packaged safely in a box ready to return, along with the return shipping label. So easy to use. 


Like Borrowlenses, Lensrentals has video and camera equipment. They not only sell used equipment, but they now have a Keeper option of renting some equipment and that rental price is put towards your purchase of that equipment. I haven't done this myself, but seems like a good option. Website Website

The rental process for Lensrentals closely resembles that of the site above. Very easy and intuitive. Very quick and seamless shipping and receiving. 

The equipment from Lensrentals also is packed fantastically, along with a return shipping labe. So when you are done and need to send it back, put the equipment back in the box as it was, seal it up, label it and drop it off at a location. Easy as pie. 

So give it a try. Its a service from both sites that I have used many times and not one time have had an issue.